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    Next Generation Video Game & Entertainment Centers Made Easy!  
    Our world renowned video game and entertainment centers are the most popular and attractive centers available today. Let us help you create your next generation video game center so you can see for yourself how having all of the most popular games and the most equipped system in place makes a world of difference in generating revenues.  
    More platforms. More games. More control.
Our revolutionary systems gives you the control that you need. Let us help you harness your revenues and automatically control the time usage of each gaming platform.
    Playstation 3Nintendo-WiiXBox 360High-End PC

    Offering both individual and group stations.
Our revolutionary systems gives you the control that you need. Let us help you harness your revenues and automatically control the time usage of each gaming platform.
Individual StationsGroup Stations
    Manage platforms & increase your revenues.
Bring back the arcade experience and recover the revenue lost from the decline of the coin operated machine revenue.
Individual StationsGroup Stations
    Out perform any Do-It-Yourself center.
Don't attempt to do-it-yourself. There is much more to running a successful video game center than just putting out a couple of XBox stations for your guests.
Individual Stations
    Charge your guests directly to their room.
Not only does our system charge for the usage of any game console, but it can also integrate into your Property Management System for room charges.
Individual Stations
    Offer 100s of games & all of the platforms.
Gamers today are sophisticated Our system offers them 100s of the most popular games using all of the popular gaming platforms... flawlessly.
Individual Stations
    Entertainment Center that is flexible & fun.
Don't just put in a video game center. We build entertainment centers that meet the seasonal demands of your guests and keeps them entertained all day.
Individual Stations
    Security features to STOP theft & attacks.
With our advanced security features you don't have to worry about loose equipment or your exposure to malicious software attacks.
Individual Stations

24/7 Support that brings you ease-of-mind.
Along with staff training, operation manuals and event planning, we monitor your center and give you pre-emptive support. You will not be left alone.

Individual Stations


GET Arcade Technology
Our unsurpassed technology gives you full control over all your machines.
Stop loosing revenues by not charging for used time.

GET Arcade Software
Applications that give you visibility into your revenues and system performance.
Gain control of your entertainment center.


GET Content & Applications
We push your content and games to you. No more worries about what's hot and what's not.

GET Marketing & Procedures
Why do it all yourself and risk getting it wrong? We provide you everything.
Marketing & Procedural materials.

GET Customer Analytics
Stay ahead of your customers and never be left in the dark.
We provide you with monthly usage and financial reports .
GET 24/7 Support & Monitoring
Worry-Free no hassle operations that ease your mind...
Our preemptive remote monitoring system keeps your center running .