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Do It Yourself Centers
Why shouldn't we build our own center?
There are many issues with building your own center. Our extensive experience in gaming centers proves that you will have serious problems with theft, maintenance, virus attacks and just plain hackers that find it amuzing to hack into your system in search of free time and just to see if they can hack in.
What if we just buy a couple of XBox 360 and flat screen TVs and let people play on them?
Well that is definitely an option, but again you will be faced with theft problems and you won't rech more 75% of the gaming comunity as only 25% of gamers play the XBox 360. To reach all the gamers, you need to offer all the available platforms.
Center Build-Out And Installations
How long does it normally take to build a center ?
Typically a center can take anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks to put together. It all depends on the amount of the physical construction of the location. We have even built centers that took us only 3 days to put together.